Course-related costs

In addition to general living costs, you’ll need things like textbooks, a computer, memory stick and stationery. Also remember to budget for course-related equipment such as lab coats or uniforms, and regular expenses like printing costs, parking or public transport.Some professional programs (eg education, health) may require memberships, certifications, licences and/or immunisations. Check your program page for details.Design program students should allow additional money for materials and printing costs.The Co-Op book shop store is located at the Sippy Downs campus, you can refer to their website for indicative textbook pricesSecond-hand textbooks are often available at reduced prices (check the student forums on Blackboard) or your textbook maybe available for loan in the library (English Language Program students are loaned textbooks for the duration of their course)


除了一般的生活费用,你还需要教科书、电脑、记忆棒和文具等东西。还要记住与课程相关的设备如实验室外套或制服的预算,以及打印成本,停车场或公共交通等经常费用。一些专业课程(如教育,健康)可能需要会员资格,认证,许可证和/或免疫接种。查看您的课程页面了解详情。(您可以参考官网的各个课程详情)设计课程学生应该允许额外的资金和印刷费用。Co-Op书店位于Sippy Downs校区,您可以参考他们的网站查阅指导教材的价格。科书通常以减价的价格出售(请参阅黑板上的学生论坛),或者可以在图书馆借到你的课本(英语语言课程的学生在课程期间借教科书)。

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is compulsory for most International students who are studying in Australia on a Student visa.The costs for OSHC vary depending on the type of cover (single, dual or multi family) and the duration of your studies. This cost is separate to your tuition fees.

USC can arrange visa-length OSHC for you and accompanying family members on your behalf with our preferred provider Allianz Global Assistance. Fees can range from $376 for one semester to $2,138 over three years for an OSHC Essentials single cover policy*.

To find out more about the cost of OSHC, you can contact us for a quote.


对于在澳大利亚学习签证的大多数国际学生来说,海外学生健康保险(OSHC)是强制性的。OSHC的成本取决于封面(单身,双重或多人)的类型和学习期限。这笔费用与您的学费是分开的。阳光海岸大学可以代我们首选提供商安联全球协助,为您和随行的家庭成员安排签证长度的OSHC 。OSHC Essentials单一封面政策*的费用可以从一个学期的376美元到三年的$ 2,138。要了解OSHC的成本,您可以联系我们以获取报价。

Living costs

An international student at USC would normally require approximately A$380+ per week to live comfortably on the Sunshine Coast. This covers typical accommodation costs, food, transport and other daily life expenses. This amount is in addition to airfares, visa application, health cover and tuition fees and will vary depending on your lifestyle and preferences.

If you have a spouse or dependent child accompanying you to Australia, you will need to allow more for living expenses.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection provide an outline of how much a student should budget for living costs for themselves and any dependents.

Study in Australia also provide information about indicative costs for living in Australia.

If your dependents are of school-age, you will be required to pay full fees for their schooling. You should allow at least A$8,000 per year for the cost of each child's schooling.

The below should be used as a guide only.

ExpensesApproximate costPrivate share accommodationA$85–$215 (per week)Homestay accommodation (includes some meals)A$235-325 (per week)FoodA$80+ (per week)Gas, ElectricityA$35 -$140 (per week)Telephone (depending on number and distance of calls)A$10–$20 (per week)TransportA$20-$55 (per week)Stationery, photocopying, etcA$20 (per week)EntertainmentA$80-$150 (per week)Cinema ticket (student rates)A$16.00Postage (within Australia)A$1 minimumPostage (international)A$2.75 minimumFooditems*BreadA$1.90- $3.50Milk (2 litre)A$2.00 - $3.10Cheese (500g)A$5.50 - $8.60Cereal (small box)A$3.50 - $5.00Powerade (Sports drink - 600ml bottle)A$2.90 - $3.30Corn chips (200g large bag)A$1.99 -$3.20Big MacA$5.50Can soft drinkA$1.80- $2.50

* Food costs are approximate only, taken from a local supermarket website and are current at the time of publishing.




gfdg花费大概成本私人住宿85- 215澳元(每周)寄宿家庭住宿(含一些餐点)235-325澳元(每周)餐饮80 +澳元(每周)天然气,电力35 - 140澳元(每周)电话(取决于电话的号码和距离)10- 20澳元(每周)交通费用

20- 55澳元(每周)

文具,复印等20澳元(每周)娱乐80- 150澳元(每周)电影票(学生费率)16.00澳元邮费(澳大利亚境内)最低1澳元邮资(国际)最低2.75澳元食品*1.90 - 3.50澳元面包1.90 - 3.50澳元牛奶(2升)2.00 - 3.10澳元奶酪(500g)5.50 - 8.60澳元谷物(小盒子)3.50 - 5.00澳元动力(运动饮料 - 600ml瓶)2.90 - 3.30澳元玉米片(200g大袋)1.99 - 3.20澳元巨无霸5.50澳元可以软饮1.80 - 2.50澳元