Commerce and Computer Science

Bachelor degree/Bachelor degree

Big data is a new frontier in the commercial world, as organisations look for people with the ability to extract data from complex systems and analyse it to affect real change. Combining Commerce and Computer Science gives you the skills to harness big data and commercialise digital innovations or intellectual property.

This course leads to two separate degrees. You will be awarded,

· the Bachelor of Commerce,

and depending upon your specialisation,

· the Bachelor of Computer Science, or

· the Bachelor of Computer Science in Date Science.

You will gain all the benefits of each degree course and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either field separately or combine the two in your chosen work.

You have the opportunity to explore areas of interest or develop new ones; or combine your majors to develop key skills.

· Use your mathematical talents in Computer Programming and Actuarial Studies or Econometrics to develop new algorithms.

· Study Finance or Management Studies and pursue general management or business development roles in IT companies and across the IT sector.

· Pair Accounting or Marketing with Computer Science, to develop new technical products or software designed specifically for accountants and marketers.

You will have a wide variety of career opportunities. Regardless of your computer science specialisation or the major you choose, you will develop the technical skills required to work across the computer science and IT sectors and the commerce skills to pursue roles in project management, systems management or data analytics.


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Arts and Cultural and Creative Industries

Bachelor degree/Master degree

Arts at Monash is your comprehensive gateway to a wide range of fascinating and rewarding areas of study across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Pair this with a Master of Cultural and Creative Industries and fast track your way to a higher qualification.

In your Bachelor of Arts degree you will choose from a select range of majors related to the destination Masters degree. You’ll also have the scope to choose from almost 40 different areas of study for your Minor and electives, including languages, social sciences, communications, politics, human rights, and international relations. While developing an informed, critical awareness of the fields you're most passionate about, you’ll lay the groundwork for a wealth of exciting careers.

As a high achieving student (75% average), in the third year of your degree you will start to transition into the Masters degree. The Master of Cultural and Creative Industries is a program built on the recognition that the cultural sector is one of the most exciting and innovative ones in the contemporary world. Music, film, new media, computer games, publishing, music, the visual and performing arts, tourism, crafts, design and fashion all offer dynamic careers now and in the future. Policymakers at city, national and international levels understand that the benefits of the cultural sector go beyond monetary value and are essential for social well-being. Key to the future of developed and developing countries, this interdisciplinary program provides you with a critical overview of a rapidly growing sector and its many employment opportunities.

As preparation for transitioning into the Masters degree during your third year, you will select from one of the following areas for your major:

· Communications and media studies

· Film and screen studies

· Journalism

· Theatre

The Bachelor of Arts offers both diversity and focus, and builds informed, skilful and critically aware citizens of the world. In addition to your major, you can sample from a wide range of study areas, giving you a comprehensive base across areas in the arts, humanities and social sciences. You'll develop a rich understanding of human difference and communication, the complexities of social organisation, and humankind's trajectory through the past and into the future.

With many opportunities to undertake study overseas, or via a study tour or internship program, you’ll become an expert in your chosen area, and will be work ready, equipped with the core skills employers in all sectors are looking for including:

· written and verbal communication skills

· teamwork skills

· listening and decision-making skills

· leadership and negotiation skills

· methods to build rapport and confidence

· critical-thinking skills

· problem-solving skills

· research skills

The Master of Cultural and Creative Industries offers an individual road map to dynamic careers in the independent arts and creative/cultural industries; working in cultural policy, governance and community development; and/or seeking to place cultural economies in an historical context, and its implications for contemporary practice.

The course offers a research or internship project component, which provides the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary contexts to combine theory and practice in responding to local and global issues at individual, community, corporate and government levels. For instance, you may participate in the unit Shanghai City Lab, a unique program aimed at immersing students in the cultural economy of Asia's new global metropolis.

This course leads to two separate degrees.

· the Bachelor of Arts


· the Master of Cultural and Creative Industries

You will gain all the benefits of a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters course (see Bachelor of Arts/Master of Cultural and Creative Industries).

As a graduate with a degree in Arts you’ll be prepared for global employment opportunities in a wide range of occupations and settings. The Masters course is designed to prepare you to work in the arts, cultural and creative industries. It provides project-workers and creative entrepreneurs with the big picture and informed insight you’ll need to turn your passion into a successful self-directed career.


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Education and Business

Bachelor degree (honours)/Bachelor degree

Are you interested in the wide world of business and also keen on the idea of building the future through education? Then combine the two, with this double degree course.

It will prepare you for a rewarding career in primary or secondary schools. Students specialising in secondary education will qualify as specialist teachers of accounting, economics or management studies, while students specialising in primary education will be qualified to teach across the school curriculum but accompany that with an in-depth knowledge of business.

Either way you will have the business savvy that is increasingly important in the school sectors both as part of the school curriculum and in leading and managing schools.

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This course leads to two separate degrees. Depending upon your specialisation, you will be awarded one of:

· the Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary Education, or

· the Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Education,


· the Bachelor of Business.

You will gain all the benefits of each degree course and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either Education or in Business separately.

A wide choice of majors is available within the Business course, spanning accounting, banking and finance, business law, business strategy, economics, management and marketing which will provide you with a rich repertoire of study pathways and career opportunities.

Education study complements this with the knowledge and skills of how young people learn and are taught both generally and within the visual arts. Taken together they open up a wide range of career opportunities.

Share your expertise in business with young learners or become involved in the business aspects of a school, with careers in educational leadership, school administration and marketing.








Commerce Specialist and Information Technology

Bachelor degree/Bachelor degree

As technology continues to change the way the modern world operates, the need for people who can understand and adapt new technologies for commercial use is increasing. Companies need people who not only implement technology in commercial environments, but who also have the skills to commercialise information technology products and services.

A degree in Actuarial Science, Economics or Finance together with a degree in Information Technology will give you a unique skill set, enabling you to apply your technical IT skills across key areas of commerce.

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This course leads to two separate degrees. Depending upon your specialisation, you will be awarded one of:

· the Bachelor of Actuarial, or

· the Bachelor of Economics, or

· the Bachelor of Finance,


· the Bachelor of Information Technology.

You will gain all the benefits of each degree course and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either field separately or to combine the two in your chosen work.

This double degree course gives you a wide variety of career opportunities. The particular careers open to you will depend on the commerce specialisation and IT major that you choose, but regardless of your choices, the blend of Information Technology and Commerce will provide you with a solid education that will lead to a successful career in either broad field, or in roles such as project management, systems management or data analytics.


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Engineering and Commerce Specialist

Bachelor degree (honours)/Bachelor degree

Partner one of our specialist degrees in actuarial science, economics or finance with your choice from nine engineering specialisations to open up exciting career opportunities that may not be as readily available to graduates in Engineering or Commerce alone.

Perhaps after some years as an aeronautical engineer your future will be as a Finance Director for the major company designing the next generation of flight vehicles. Perhaps you will draw on strategic planning know how of actuarial science to contribute to the fortunes of a small start up. The possibilities are there - and yours for the making.

This course leads to two separate degrees. Depending upon your specialisations, you will be awarded one of:

· the Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering (Honours), or

· the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours), or

· the Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours), or

· the Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (Honours), or

· the Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours), or

· the Bachelor of Materials Engineering (Honours), or

· the Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours), or

· the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours), or

· the Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours),

and one of:

· the Bachelor of Actuarial Science, or

· the Bachelor of Economics, or

· the Bachelor of Finance.

You will gain all the benefits of each degree course and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either broad field or both in combination.

Your blend of technical and analytical skills, along with an understanding of the business world, will give you a competitive edge in the job market. Career options include commerce, industry, government or private practice. You might work in in the aviation industry or in environmental management.

This course requires students to complete a total of 420 hours of continuous professional development, in order to graduate. This professional development may be in the form of 12 weeks of relevant vacation employment or an equivalent combination of approved professional development and/or engineering employment, taken throughout the duration of the course. Students are required to submit a series of reflections on their experience, with particular reference to development of each of the key Engineers Australia Stage 1 competencies.




















Business and Business Specialist

Bachelor degree/Bachelor degree

Businesses require people with range of different skills and knowledge to keep them running profitably. A double degree course in Business gives you the opportunity to do more - you can study complementary areas to give you a genuine depth of study across business disciplines, build your portfolio of skills by studying different disciplines, and tailor your degree to increase your employability.聽

Your career options will depend on the combination of specialisation and majors you choose, and will harness your analytical, strategic, numerical and creative skills, while also giving you a solid business base that will lead to a successful career.

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This course leads to two separate degrees. You will be awarded,

· Bachelor of Business,

and depending upon your specialisation,

· Bachelor of Accounting, or

· Bachelor of Banking and Finance, or

· Bachelor of International Business, or

· Bachelor of Marketing.

You will gain all the benefits of each degree course and be fully equipped to pursue a career in a broad range of business fields.

You can develop essential skills in key fields, or expand your opportunities by developing skills across interconnected industries. You could consider:

· pairing Accounting with a complementary studies in Banking and Finance to give you wide reaching skills across the financial sector

· combining a Marketing specialisation with majors in Business Statistics or Business Management, to increase your knowledge of data analytics or to work in a business development role within a marketing company

· combining the International Business specialisation with a major in Marketing or Banking and Finance, to explore careers in international trading or investment companies.

Your specialist studies will prepare you for a career as an Accountant, Marketer, Banking and Finance expert or Global Business professional, while your business majors will give you additional skills to pursue expert roles in that industry, or give you the skills to work across industries.


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Commerce and Biomedical Science

Bachelor degree/Bachelor degree

Biomedical science is one of the most contemporary areas of medicine - think IVF, a cure for cancer, and new life-saving vaccines. This rapidly-growing industry requires people with the skills to commercialise biomedical research, or apply commercial knowledge and understanding in research environments.

Within this double degree course, you have the opportunity to develop the technical and research skills required in the biomedical fields, while also having a strong understanding of the realities of research as a commercial endeavour.

This course leads to two separate degrees:

· the Bachelor of Commerce, and

· the Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

You will gain all the benefits of each degree course and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either field separately or to combine the two in your chosen work.

You can combine your majors to explore areas of interest or develop new ones in key areas. You could:

· Study Human Genetics and Actuarial Studies to look at the implications of genetic disease for health providers or insurance companies.

· Combine Immunology with Economics to gain an understanding of how disease impacts political, legal, social, cultural activities around the world.

· Use your marketing skills to promote medical research or health campaigns.

· Work in a business development role in international biomed companies to create new opportunities for research.

You will develop strong commercial skills that will enable to you manage an organisation or contribute to the commercial aspects of medical research, together with strong technical skills to work across the field of biomedical science. You will also have the transferable skills that employers are looking for, such as communication, teamwork, research and critical thinking.


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